INXS is no more. The Australian group announced Sunday during their show in Perth, Australia in support of Matchbox 20 that it was their last. Drummer Jon Farriss made the announcement, saying, “I’m getting teary,” before they launched into "Need You Tonight." Nothing has been said since.

The band came together in 1977 in Sydney and have sold 30 million albums worldwide. But that success hit a roadblock in 1997 when singer Michael Hutchence committed suicide in a Sydney hotel. The band continued, using a number of singers, including Jon Stevens, Terence Trent D’Arby and Jimmy Barnes. They then went the reality TV route with Rock Star: INXS in 2005 and chose contestant J.D. Fortune. He lasted until September of 2011 when he was replaced by Irish singer Ciaran Gribbins.

In an interview last month, guitarist Tim Farris said, "I am [proud of our longevity]. Other bands could have folded. I am proud of it because we've had such an incredible career. We didn't just stick around Australia; we risked everything and put it on a limb, and then we ended up huge everywhere in the world."