After the success of this past summer's Dukes of September shows with Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs, Donald Fagen says its next stop could be PBS. He says instead of releasing a CD or DVD right away, the guys are talking to public TV about it airing as a Great Performances special -- likely for use in one of their pledge drives.

Donald Fagen says the summer 2012 Dukes of September tour will likely be seen as a PBS special instead of a DVD.

As for Steely Dan, he and Walter Becker are likely to tour in 2013. Varying the shows helps keep them fresh -- Fagen clearly enjoyed their 2011 themed shows at the Beacon Theater in New York, where one night featured rarities and others spotlighted different Steely Dan albums.

"Oh, Walter and I are probably going to go out next summer. You know, we try to vary the shows. In 2011, we had an interesting series of shows at the Beacon where we did a rarities night. We did a night where we did the Aja album complete, a night where we did Royal Scam complete, so we try to mix it up."