There is actually a National Toy Hall Of Fame. Before we take a look at the, let's say top 10, how about you and I go for a trip down memory lane?

Remember the feeling of getting that new toy? And all the fun we had with it can not be relived.

One Christmas morning, after we had all ready opened all the presents the night before, I wasn't expecting to get anything else. But as I came down the stairs I got a surprise of a lifetime. There sat, in the empty area under the tree, a big, shiny, new, yellow Tonka dump truck. It was unwrapped and out of the box and ready to roll.

And I rolled it about a million miles over the next several years. How important was that truck to me? Well, I'm 55, and I still have it in a box saved away.

If it wasn't so rusty and a little beat up (I drove it hard), I would get it out for my son to play with. And I'll just bet you he would have fun with it.

And that leads me to another point. The great toys of years past, can still work on the kids of today no matter how much the world has changed.

And that's why there's a Hall of Fame for them. Here's a list of the top 10 toys in The National Toy Hall Of Fame along with my personal comments on a few of them:

  1. Barbie (sorry, I didn't have one, but I remember a lot of girls that did)
  2. Etch a Sketch (my son wants one for Christmas, like the one I had over 40 years ago)
  3. Radio Flyer Wagon (Randy McDaniel still brags about the one he had)
  4. Legos (I have a living room full and we just recently visited Lego Land in Kansas City. My son can't wait to get back there.)
  5. GI Joe (You bet I had one!)
  6. Lincoln Logs (My dad got a set when he was a little boy in the 1920's for Christmas, and I remember him talking about them his whole life.)
  7. Jack in the Box
  8. Raggedy Ann
  9. Easy Bake Oven
  10. Mr. Potato Head (I still remember the commercials on TV)

Did you have any of these? Do your kids have them? Or perhaps there's a toy that you believe should have made the list. My Tonka truck's not in there.

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