According to a study done at Johns Hopkins, your dog really does sense what you're feeling and truly wants to help - they really do want to be your best friend.

The study was called "Timmy's In the Well: Empathy and Pro-Social Helping in Dogs." Scientists put 34 dogs behind a closed door. On the other side - their owners.

The owners were then asked to sing either "You Are My Sunshine" or pretend they were crying. The dogs were then released and allowed to get to their owners.

The interesting part is when the owners appeared to be crying the dogs opened the doors three times faster than when the owners were singing.

In some of the dogs, the sound of hearing their human crying made them so stressed out they whimpered and cried until they were able to push the door open.

The bottom line, according to researchers, is dogs not only sense what their owners are feeling - if they can help, they will.

So, should you ever fall into a well like Timmy used to do on the the TV show "Lassie", rather than yell for your "human" friend - yell for your "four-legged" friend instead.

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