If you're a burger lover here in the Sioux Empire, then chances are you're probably familiar with Murph's Butterguts, a local food truck that quickly became a favorite of so many people here in the Sioux Falls area late last summer.

Over the past year, owner Murphy Lundie moved from Portland to Sioux Falls to fulfill a dream he has had since being a kid. Lundie wanted to get into the food truck business and decided the Sioux Empire would be a good landing spot for him to turn that dream into a reality.

Lundie told Dakota News Now, “It took a little bit longer than planned, to build the food truck but we got it open at the end of July or early August and hit the ground running with the build and straight into the food.”

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Lundie's food truck became such an overnight sensation here in the Sioux Empire, that it inspired him to move his food truck business indoors during the cold South Dakota winter months. So he went to work, trying to find a location to make that happen. As luck would have it, Lundie was able to strike up a deal with the folks at Fernson's Brewing Company in downtown, allowing him to temporarily move his burger biz inside their kitchen for the winter.

Lundie's dream wasn't stopping there, as Dakota News Now reports, he has just finished opening a brick and mortar location of his very own.

Murph's Burgers and Fries is now open every Tuesday through Sunday at 5312 East Arrowhead Parkway in Sioux Falls.

Lundie told Dakota News Now, “It’s pretty surreal. I think I’m going to wake up from this dream one of these days but it hasn’t happened yet, so that’s super fun.”

If you have had one of Murph's burgers before, then you know he offers plenty of options for both burgers and fries. Not to mention his world-famous bacon jam!

Lundie has plans to keep on adding to Murph's menu in the future.

And speaking of plans, with warmer weather right around the corner, Lundie also plans to hit the streets of Sioux Falls once again with Murph's Burgers and Fries food truck. Even with his new restaurant now open.

Keep an eye out for Murph's food truck later this spring and throughout the summer months.

Source: Dakota News Now


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