Police say a man was hit by a car that was driven by his girlfriend after the couple went to a house in Mitchell to buy marijuana.

According to court documents obtained by Dakota News Now, 32-year-old Brittany Ashton Price struck her 25-year-old boyfriend while he was walking along Highway 16 on Wednesday morning. She told investigators that she went into the house to buy the marijuana and when she returned to the car, the boyfriend was gone.

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Price said she drove around looking for her boyfriend. She attempted to call and text him. Police say that Price struck something as she was driving east along Highway 16. Price told police that she pulled over to find what she hit, but she claims to have seen nothing. Police say Price drove back into Mitchell and made no attempt to alert authorities that she hit something on the highway.

It was later on Wednesday morning when the boyfriend was found lying in a ditch. Police say his injuries were consistent with being struck by a vehicle. The boyfriend was airlifted to a Sioux Falls hospital with life-threatening injuries, Dakota News Now reports.

Police charged Price with hit-and-run and driving without a valid license.

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