As the rain recently overwhelmed some Sioux Falls streets, the people that are called to protect and serve did their best to keep people safe.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says there were twenty-three flooding related calls as a result of the Sunday afternoon storm. For about an hour and a half, heavy rains pelted portions of the city with some areas receiving over two inches in a short period of time.

On very rare occasions, Clemens says conditions may warrant extra support to stop cars from entering flooded areas.

“It’s not always that they send out barricades, it kind of depends on how quickly the water seems to be receding. Sometimes if it’s going to be longer time period for the roads to get clear, they’ll have the Street Department bring out barricades. Otherwise officers will try to keep cars from driving into the water.”

Police do have the latitude to issue citations if drivers deliberately drive around barricades, however Clemens says the Street Department will place the barricades from curb to curb making it difficult to do so.

Generally Clemens indicates that most people will see other cars stalled in flooded areas and use good judgement and avoid making the same mistake.

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