This week the Sioux Falls area will see a rise in temperatures and for January that means we need to be extra cautious and patient.

The city outdoor ice rinks opened just over a week ago just in time for Frosty Frolics and now with above normal temperatures this week, expected to be in the mid to upper 40's, you may be waiting to put those blades on again.

Great Bear Ski Valley has enjoyed great numbers since opening in late December, which was one of the warmest in memory and the past few days has seen long waiting lines as crowds of skiers, snowboarders, and tubers hit the slopes. Dan Grider of Great Bear tells Dakota News Now, “Tubing has been in high demand. On weekends we run sessions, three sessions a day we’ve been selling all those out. We’ve been running out of rental equipment and we’ve been at capacity now for about two weeks.”

But with varying temperatures brings the risk to those who want to ice fish. The ice depth continues to be unpredictable as we have seen tragedy hit the Lake Poinsett area where two people died after falling through the ice over the weekend.

Safety is key and knowing your surroundings. Be safe. There's plenty of winters still ahead.

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