As a kid I have many memories of scarfing down some Happy Meals at local McDonalds in Sioux Falls and getting to have fun in the play areas as soon as I was done. Today kids in the Sioux Empire all have to pile into one location to create those same memories as I did as a kid.

There is only one McDonalds in Sioux Falls that still has a play set. That location is the McDonalds on East 26th Street.

My guess is that the combination of maintenance, cleaning and liability have limited them at McDonalds here and other places.

My wife and I are experiencing what many of you parents out there have experienced when going out to eat with your toddler, and that is your toddler turning the restaurant into their own play set. So, we decided to hit up a McDonalds that was way out of our way in order to see how lunch would go with the assistance of a real play set.

McDonalds, 26th Street, Sioux Falls
Google Street View

We headed over to East 26th and let the experiment begin.

The experiment certainly worked in our favor. My wife and I had our first sit down conversation at lunch in over a year.


It should be mandatory, a play set in every sit down restaurant so that parents can keep their sanity.  I did see an outdoor play set at the Joe's Crabshack in Des Moines, so maybe others are catching on.

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