We all know the old saying, "This Bud's For You"! It's probably one of the most powerful phrases ever created in advertising.

Well it appears that Bud is still the most powerful beer ever brewed. It has been a big hit throughout multiple generations in an ever changing world.

We are talking about a world where there can be a brand that is the top choice today, and completely forgotten about in a year. Budweiser however, lives on holding two of the top five spots in market share.

Consumption of old school beer brands is down because millennial consumers are migrating to wine and mixed drinks. Craft beer makers also are taking market share from big beer makers.

Another factor behind the slide in consumption of major beer brands is the rising demand for beer brands from Mexico like Modelo and Corona. This increased demand reflects the growing Hispanic population in the United States.

Let's take a look at some numbers. Keep in mind that this is based on nearly $400 billion of impact from the beer business on our economy.

Top Five Beer Brands In America:

  1. Bud Light Market share: 15.4%
  2. Coors Light Market share: 7.7%
  3. Budweiser Market share: 6.2%
  4. Miller Lite Market share: 6.1%
  5. Corona Extra Market share: 4.1%

And as far as staying power for the legacy brands, Miller High Life came in at number 13 and Pabst Blue Ribbon at 16.

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