I remember when I was a kid listening to the radio while watching TV as NORAD tracked Santa and his sleigh delivering presents all over the world on Christmas Eve.


Now NORAD has this really cool website that tracks Santa as he makes his Christmas Eve trek. But there is more! You can waste tons of time surfing the NORAD.ORG website playing games, listening to fun songs, watching neat little Santa movies, and more.


One of the things I think might be really cool for parents with young kids is “The Library”. It's a whole segment dedicated to stories about Santa. This is a page you can go to and open up books that you can interactively read to your kids.

The books include “Ho, Ho, Ho, Giggle”, “Santa's Sleigh”, “Traditions of the World”, and “Holiday Activities”.


In the book section, you'll find out that "Santa Claus is known by many names, including Saint Nick. Historians claim that the history of Santa starts with the tradition of Saint Nicholas, a 4th-century Christian priest who lived in the Middle East and became famous for his kindness. He was known for giving gifts to the less fortunate, sprinkling gifts of gold down people's chimneys, and for hiding surprises in their stockings.”

You can also listen to the famous “Yes Virginia There Is A Santa Clause” letter from December of 1897 being read.

And of course, you will want to bookmark the page so you have it handy to track Santa's magical Christmas Eve adventure.

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