The NFL has had its fair share of controversial investigations over the last few years and when those situations have involved a video, the NFL has looked bad at times when other outlets have obtained those videos before them.

Even though those videos have been able to verify the wrongdoing of the players involved, the NFL says it will not pay to obtain those videos in the future.

The league has come under vast criticism when outlets like TMZ have been willing to pay for such videos, but the NFL has been reluctant to do so even though their players are at the heart of the situation.

At the owners meetings in Dallas, NFL special counsel for conduct Todd Jones told reporters "I think that is not likely at all, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is you all have a journalistic privilege, you all have First Amendment protections. You all can get information from sources and wrap it up in sort of like 'sources.' We don't have that luxury."

The NFL utilizes many tactics to obtain information during these investigations but clearly this isn't something they are willing to do at this time.

Even though that is their current stance, if they continue to get crushed for the way they handle these situations they may be forced to change that stance in order to be more effective in their investigations.


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