The Minnesota Twins haven't played extremely well all year long, but because of the play of the rest of the AL Central, the Twins have a lot to play for this summer and their fans are excited about it.

The Cleveland Indians ran away with the division late in 2017, but this year they have got off to a slow start and only hold a 2.5 game lead over Minnesota.

A combination of injuries and a lack of consistent offense have hindered the Twins from overtaking Cleveland for the division lead but optimism runs eternal with this group.

When you listen to the players, they talk about the process and the steps they are taking to get better each and everyday all while staying within striking distance of first place.

That kind of attitiude can keep you going through the tough days of a 162 game season.

What also can keep you going through a season is a healthy lineup and pitching staff.

The return of of a healthy May and Santana would be big boosts for the pitching staff that has actually been pretty solid this season.

With Buxton and Sano back already, hopefully they can find their rhythm and help the Twins improve in their most inadequate area of producing runs.

The history books for 2018 are long from being written and the Twins along with their fans are hoping to be on the positive side of history when this season comes to an end.


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