A Peterson-Kaiser study reported that the U.S. health system continues to lag behind similarly large and wealthy countries in preventing deaths that in many cases could have been averted by timely and effective care.

Now Wallethub has put together some criteria to determine where Americans receive the best and worst health care. They compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 43 measures of cost, accessibility and outcome.

In Wallethub's 2019 list of Best & Worst States for Health Care, Minnesota ranked #1. South Dakota didn't do as well.

Here is how South Dakota and some other midwestern states ranked on the list.

  • North Dakota - #9
  • Iowa - #10
  • Wisconsin - #16
  • South Dakota - #18
  • Nebraska - #22
  • Illinois - #26

You can see the full list of Best & Worst States for Health Care at Wallethub.com.

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