The Doors join the growing ranks of artists to receive the Rockabye Baby treatment with the April 28 release of Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of the Doors.

As with other installments in the popular series, Lullaby Renditions of the Doors pulls selections from the band's bestselling catalog and re-purposes them for the bedtime hour with gently soothing arrangements that should be instantly familiar to parents who grew up with those classic records, yet still peaceful enough to send the little ones drifting blissfully into unconsciousness.

For Rockabye Baby creative director Lisa Roth, Lullaby Renditions of the Doors represents something of a full-circle moment. "Obviously, you can’t produce a rock series without the mythic Doors on the roster," says Roth. "When I was a very young kid, I’d hear their music wafting out from behind my brother’s bedroom door. I thought my brother was the greatest thing since peanut butter back then, and figured if he loved the Doors, I’d love them too."

In fact, Roth adds, she decided to demonstrate that love by serenading her family by singing the first lines to the chorus of "Hello I Love You" at the dinner table every night — and that ardor hasn't faded. "For the short time the Doors were all together, they were innovative, dangerous, an inspiration to many acts, and their music spoke volumes about the '60s and '70s. I still love them, and I still don’t know the rest of the words to that song."

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of the Doors is available to pre-order now, and you can sample before you buy by streaming every song on the album below.

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