Seattle DJ Marco Collins helped shape the sound of the '90s on the air at Seattle's 107.7 The End. He recently received his due with the documentary feature The Glamour & the Squalor — and fittingly, the movie's score got a lift from one of the decade's most acclaimed musicians, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready.

Saying he took the assignment to offer tribute "in remembrance of all the musicians from Seattle who aren’t here anymore, but their music remains," McCready contributed an array of instrumental vocal compositions to the film — including "Young-ish," which makes its exclusive premiere below in advance of the soundtrack, which is scheduled to arrive on Sept. 1.

"I love this one because it just sounds kinda crunchy and plodding with guitar riffs and solos all over it," says music supervisor Kevin Moyer. "Halfway through it breaks into this really pretty and atmospheric uplifting part, and then it comes back down again."

While plans also call for a separate soundtrack LP offering an all-star assortment of songs from some of the more popular artists among the '90s alternative revolution, Moyer called it an "honor" to have McCready deliver the score, arguing that it "elevates everything threefold" and suggesting that the guitarist brought the energy familiar to Pearl Jam fans to his performances for the film.

"I love working with Mike," adds Moyer, "because he is as kind and down to earth as he is incredibly talented, and the best part is that he seems to function with music through feeling and passion — if you've ever seen him play live, you see him alternate between jumping around like a madman and taking it all in with his eyes closed and head tilted back as if he's spiritually channeling and squeezing every sound that comes out of his guitar."

Check out the complete Glamour & the Squalor track listing below, and watch the movie's trailer above.

'The Glamour and the Squalor' Track Listing
Darkness – Mike McCready
Lightness – Mike McCready
Young-ish – Mike McCready
Grandmother Earth – Mike McCready
Windless – Mike McCready
Tried & True – Mike McCready
Northern / Falling Apart – Mike McCready
Southern / Coming Together – Mike McCready
Sean Mac On A Horse On A Boat – Mike McCready, Troy Nelson & MacKenzie Mercer
Meridian Suns – Mike McCready
You're the Song – Mike McCready, Kim Virant
Love Wins – Mike McCready
Tree Fractal – Mike McCready
Safe Room – Mike McCready
Altered – Mike McCready
Outside – Mike McCready
A Revolution of the Heart – Mike McCready
Social Distraction – Mike McCready
Shrine Watcher – Mike McCready
Spaced Out – Mike McCready
Whole Level – Mike McCready
Moonlight Thieves – Mike McCready
Aspiring – Mike McCready
Descending – Mike McCready, MacKenzie Mercer
Tree Fractal (Reprise) – Mike McCready
Trying & Truer – Mike McCready
Connection – Mike McCready
Sky Accepted – Mike McCready
Don't Let Go, Hold On – Mike McCready, Star Anna
Love Wins Again – Mike McCready
Radio Sign Off – Jeffrey Dorfman

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