Can you whip up a mean, clean Apple-tini, or a "Win & Tonic", or maybe even a Sassy Shirley Temple?

If you can concoct a mocktail that stands up to any cocktail out there you should enter the Mocktails Mixoff Contest, being sponsored by Health Connect, Live Well Sioux Falls, and Giving Hope Bingo.

It's coming up on Friday, December 9th at Giving Hope Bingo, 1605 W. Burnside Street Sioux Falls, beginning at 5 PM. Winners will be announced at 7 and the regular Giving Hope Bingo event begins after that.

The grand prize is $500, second prize is $300, and third is $150! There will also be an amazing People's Choice award!

Your mocktail will be judged on creativity in all areas from its name, to its flavor, appearance, and presentation.

The mission of this big "Mixoff" is to bring public awareness to the importance of holiday celebration options and to encourage local hotspots to add non-alcoholic drinks to their beverage menus.

Admission for the event is free and participants for the "Mocktail Mixoff" will be chosen by Friday, December 2nd. So get your mocktail entered in the competition now!

For more information see "Mocktails Mixoff" or call Health Connect at 605-371-1000.

14 Grocery Shortages South Dakota May Deal With This Winter

It seems like grocery shopping has turned into a hit-and-miss experience across the Midwest. South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa have seen empty shelves next to fully stocked ones.

All the jelly you want, but no peanut butter, for example.

The fallout from the first year of the COVID pandemic is still with us. Add to that the effect of the war in Ukraine and weather disasters.

Disruptions to global shipping and the domestic supply chain mean that you may run into a situation where you don't know if all you need will be in stock. 

Winter 2022-2023 is looking to deal with several possible shortages of some grocery store favorites. 


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