A lot of people plan their summer vacation at one of the many beautiful South Dakota state parks. And why not? Spending a few days (or a week) at the park is a great way to 'get away from it all'.

But when it's winter, well, you're just plain stuck inside, right?


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What is a beautiful South Dakota State Park in the summertime turns absolutely magical in the winter. South Dakota is home to 13 of the most beautiful state parks in the entire country, and there are 43 recreation areas, too.

So where are they in the state? Well, here, there, and everywhere! From Custer State Park out west to Palisades Park back east. From the Snake Creek Recreation Area in the south-central to Pelican Lake, Sandy Shore, and Lake Cochrane Recreation Area in the northeast, you truly have a magical place near where you live.

Just check out one of the spots on a crisp, clear winter day. Maybe fish in some spots or hike in others. And be sure and take pictures to preserve those fantastic family memories. Yes, a day at, say, Oakwood Lake State Park by Bruce is a day you'll never forget.

You can browse the parks here on the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks website, find your favorite and go for it!