I first noticed the black squirrel behind the radio station here in Sioux Falls back in February. He was up in a tree battling a traditional brown squirrel for dibs on an abandoned nest. Back and forth they went, chattering (maybe squirrel cursing) and doing battle. Almost daily the fight continued. The feud.

And since it was an ongoing feud, I called the black squirrel Hatfield and the brown squirrel McCoy. Clever, aren't I?

Well, Hatfield pretty much defended his abandoned nest successfully and McCoy went off to another tree or shrub. The feud was over. Except it wasn't.

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In the shadow of that picture up there you can see the (now) legendary Hatfield, the black squirrel. And he's on the ground. Why? Well, the birds have returned. And the birds are retaking their formerly abandoned nests. And so, out with Hatfield.

Those birds are making lots of noise back of the radio station now, there on the edge of what's known as the Viewpoint University Wetlands. And while those birds chirp and whistle and settle into their nests once again, Hatfield is searching for another place to call home. Another favorite tree, maybe just a good comfortable branch.

Or perhaps he's just looking for his old friend and adversary McCoy.

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