Sometimes in life, you learn about silly little life hack tricks. This recent discovery about plastic cupcake containers can be a fun party trick.

The office recently celebrated a big birthday for my radio partner Andy Gott. His mom wanted to treat the office by giving everyone cupcakes for Andy's birthday. These sweet treats turned into a neat lesson about how to properly open cupcake containers.

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If you look at the top of a plastic cupcake carrier from the store, there are four holes in the center. You probably never even thought about these holes on the container...until now. These spaces are perfect sizes for your thumbs and index fingers.

Christine Manika (TSM)
Christine Manika (TSM)

These cupcakes for Andy's birthday were a little messy. So as we were trying to find ways to open the container, I thought of putting my index fingers and thumbs inside the holes. To my surprise, it worked!

After wiggling the top of the container, the lid opens pretty easily. The best part? There is no icing mess on your fingers!

How did I discover this cupcake technique? Honestly, I was just fooling around with the cupcake container after we gave most of them away in the office. Maybe since it was a Friday and we were in a happy mood for Andy's birthday! Clearly, after watching the video, he got a huge laugh out of this simple trick.

The more you know for your next cupcake party!

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