With President Trump issuing an executive order over the weekend regarding refugees and immigration, I'm really struggling with which side of the table I'm suppose to sit at.

In this day-in-age of social media and how quick people are to bring each other down, I'm hesitant to even bring up the subject - but I really can see both sides of the issue.

The country needs to do whatever it can to keep the "bad guys" out, but yet how can we turn our backs on folks in need - those trying to get away from the "bad guys"?

Could the White House have done a better job implementing the new policy? Definitely. But is there ever a good time - today, tomorrow, next week, next month?

Is it specifically a "Muslim thing?" The White House says "No," but most everything you read and hear leads you to believe otherwise.

It does make me wonder why certain countries were put on the list while others were left off (who, by all rights, should've been included).

I'll leave that discussion for another day. All I know is not only this country, but the entire world, is becoming more and more divided. And that scares me!

I recently saw a post on Facebook that read, "I wish some of you cared about homeless veterans as much as you do illegal immigrants and refugees."

That statement hit me hard!

As the country was taking to the streets this past weekend, how many protesters walked past a homeless veteran and never gave it a second thought?

Why aren't people protesting how we're treating our returning soldiers - or the homeless family of four living on the street? Why is that okay and the refugees aren't?

It's as though the refugee issue just happens to be the "flavor of the day." We seem to be real good at that in this country - today we care, tomorrow not so much.

Is there a right answer or a wrong answer? I don't know. All I know is yelling while holding a sign isn't enough.

My hope is that those protesting at the airports will "follow through" and try to make a difference. Please don't buy into the whole "flavor of the day" argument.

If you really think there's a better way to keep the country safe, then contact your Senators and Representatives. Get involved! That's the only way to bring about change.

As for the homeless veterans and homeless families in this country, reach out. Don't just walk past them and expect someone else to offer assistance.

In order for change to occur, it takes everyone - you, me, the neighbor down the street. If we can take it on in a civilized manner, the whole world will be better off because of it.

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