They don't call it the 'Greatest Party Anywhere' for nothing. The 600-acre campground that is lovingly known as the Sturgis Buffalo Chip has another rally season in the rearview mirror. And of course, the cleanup crew has got to go through and collect everything that people have left behind.

From a blow-up sheep to swimming pools and a mess load of pop up tents. You wouldn't believe what some people have left behind. This is the Sturgis Buffalo Chip' Lost and Found.'

  • A chopper wrapped in toilet paper
  • Enough air mattresses to help the Titanic passengers
  • Underpants. Lots of underpants
  • An inflatable sheep with "Derek's Bitch" written on the side
  • Beer pong table
  • A bunch of coconuts
  • Mostly used tube of cherry-flavored Anal-Ese butt lube
  • Crime scene tape
  • More tents than all the Dick's in America
  • Chairs and sofas
  • Lots of pools
  • Blow-up dolls with messy hair
  • Shark suit
  • 2 wooden hammers
  • A mannequin
  • Flamingo socks
  • 27 credit/debit cards
  • 9 driver's licenses

Oh, there's more. Check it all out here and kill some time going through the previous years.






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