March 14, 2019, will long be remembered as the big Sioux Falls flood. Many streets are blocked off because they are underwater.

It was definitely a stressful day for residents trying to get around the city.

I traveled from my home on South Cliff Avenue right next to Tuthill Park, to the workplace located at South Louise at just past 4:30 AM. At that time the Sioux River next to my home was overflowing into the park.

I was able to take Cliff Avenue, in front of my home, to I-229 at that time. However, by the time I came home at 2:00 PM, the river had risen all the way up over Cliff and had that Avenue blocked off.

So to get to my house, I had to stay on I-229 and go to Minnesota Avenue. Then travel South on Minnesota to 57th Street. I was able to get on Cliff from 57th and travel North.

Then more trouble with a roadblock at 49th and Cliff. So my house was in between roadblocks from both directions. This is not where you want your house. As a matter of fact, I was scared about what I would find at my house when I got there.

Well, fortunately, the city worker at the roadblock said the road was safe to my house and he let me go thru. I was able to pull in my driveway, but that was as far as you could go. About 100 yards North of me is the bridge over the river, and the water was over the road.

The good news is my house was 100 percent dry inside. And I was glad to be home safe and sound.

Here are a couple of photos of Tuthill Park, which is right next to my house. I always wanted oceanfront property. I guess it's true to be careful what you wish for!

March 14 2019 Flood number 3
Mark Tassler, Results Radio
March 14 2019 Flood number 2
Mark Tassler, Results Radio

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