For as absurd and slapstick as 'How I Met Your Mother' tends to be sometimes, even we had a few questions about Monday's upcoming episode "Weekend at Barney's," namely what would cause, Ted, Marshall and Barney to so-perfectly recreate the blot of 'Weekend at Bernie's.' Love for the '80s aside, would you like to know what brings Barney's playbook out of the ashes for the latest 'How I Met Your Mother?' Get a sneak peek inside!

'How I Met Your Mother' has done some spot-on movie parodies before, but this Monday's all-new February 25 episode "Weekend At Barney's" might put them all to rest. The episode will see Barney resurrecting his infamous playbook to help Ted score a new girl after breaking up with the unpredictable Jeanette ('SNL's Abby Elliot), but how would you like a first look?

CBS has released a new clip from the episode which reveals the origins of the complete 'Weekend at Bernie's' recreation we'd seen in the earlier photos, as Barney has taken to dreaming up new plays after the destruction of the original book? Is the playbook really gone however, considering some of the explosive photos we've seen from the episode?

Check out a sneak peek of 'How I Met Your Mother's next episode "Weekend at Barney's" via the clip below, and tell us what you want to see from the rest of the season below! Will the wedding of Barney and Robin spill into the newly-confirmed season 9?