How would you like to spend the night in one of the most haunted locations in the state of Minnesota? Well, now you can! Nopeming Sanatorium, which opened in 1912, is approximately 110,000 square feet and is currently located on 40 acres in Duluth. In its early years, Nopeming was a home for over 200 tuberculosis patients, Then in 1971, it became a nursing home. In 2002 the building closed its doors due to lack of funding. Then in 2016, Orison Inc. takes ownership and opens the place up as a tourist location.

Now as you can imagine, there were a lot of deaths that took place while the sanatorium was in operation. A lot of the deaths at the sanatorium were due to suicides, with patients jumping from upper levels rather than face a slow painful death from the disease. In fact, this place has so much activity that the television show "Ghost Adventures" filmed an episode there.

Now let's get down to it, the sanatorium is opening its doors for paranormal ghost hunts and you are invited. Ghost Hunts USA is hosting the event, and tickets are $169 per person. They are doing overnight adventures every month May - November 2019 and tickets can be purchased here! 

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