In wake of the shootings this year and especially after the school shooting Friday in Connecticut, gun sales are surging. Nationally and locally. Especially the AR-15's, one of the guns used in the school shooting.

Locally, they are selling just as fast.


Because gun owners are scared of having their rights taken away.

The stores in Sioux Falls are extremely busy. In fact, the first time I dialed Gary's Gun Shop  it was busy. When I did get through I had a chance to talk to the Steve Naatjes. Steve was very busy but did take a few minutes to talk to me about the increase of sales.

In an exclusive interview with Steve here is what I asked him.

Q: What items are buyers purchasing in the wake of the shootings?
Handguns, shotguns and rifles, along with other accessories.

Q: Are there AR-15's available?
The AR-15 is hard to get right now, but we have some.

Q: Have you seen sales like this happen before?
Yes. The Clinton administration during the days of the Brady Bill.

Q: Do you think that Legislation will go through that will outlaw these types of guns?

Q: Are you worried about that?
A: Yes.

Q: How are sales in general right now?
Highest I have ever seen. Through the roof.

When I asked Steve what he thought about all this going on with the possibility of legislation taking away rights for American's to own certain guns, his answer to me was simple.

"It starts with society. When there is separation of  church and state and separation of church and government  when they take religion out of the schools it doesn't allow discipline to be taught. Nobody learns a thing. Like always, it's not the guns fault," Steve said.

He also mentioned that the violence in video games should be a concern, not the guns.

I asked Scheels for their opinion on the subject of gun sales and they had "No Comment":

From this static was quoted from the FBI:

Yet, statistics show, unlike handguns or shotguns, rifles account for only a fraction of homicides in the United States. Of 12,664 murder victims last year, only 323 were killed with rifles, according to the FBI.


Is it likely that Obama will push through a legislation banning certain types of guns? Yes. Is it necessary? Probably not, but it depends who you ask.

If you ask me, yes something needs to be done. Is it taking away my right to protect myself, I don't think so.

I grew up around guns. In fact, guns have been in my life one way or another. Do I feel safer owning a gun, that if necessary I can use it for my children's and my protection? Absolutely!

Personally, my daughter had a death threat this summer. It turned out to be a couple kids "playing a prank." I didn't take it lightly, police were involved and my gun was loaded.


Those who want to harm someone will find any means possible. The Oklahoma City bombings killed 168 people including 19 children, did that happen with guns? No, with bombs made out of fertilizer, nitromethane and a rental truck.