I guess last week was Michele Bachmann Week.  It was last week that Bachmann made this declaration: "I decided not to seek another congressional term to represent the wonderful people of the 6th district of Minnesota".  And since then the media has been having at her.

The satirical online newspaper The Onion published this little gem about Michele's conversation with God:

WASHINGTON—Saying that it’s the Lord’s will, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann announced on her website Wednesday that she has decided not to seek reelection in 2014 because God wants her to earn millions of dollars working for a high-powered lobbying firm.

According to Bachmann, God spoke to her directly after many days of intense prayer and ultimately told the exiting Congresswoman that there is no reason she should only make $174,000 per year when she could easily earn up to eight times that amount in the private sector.

“This was a difficult decision for me, but God said this is a highly lucrative opportunity and I need to capitalize on my fame now before my high media profile diminishes,” said Bachmann, adding that the Supreme Being commanded her to “strike while the iron’s hot” and work for a conservative lobbying group like FreedomWorks or the John Birch Society or whichever one offers her the most money. “I would love to stay on and represent Minnesota’s 6th congressional district, but who am I to ignore God’s plan, which He said could earn me over $10 million next year and over $20 million the following year if I invest wisely, which God wants me to do as well.”

Then of course CNN did this retrospective of Bachmann's life and legacy.

Political comedians openly started morning the loss of Michele Bachmann.  Comedian John Fugelsang put together this appeal: "Please don't leave me, Michele Bachmann"

And comidian w.kamaubell, who hostes Totally Biased, summed up the liberal media's thinking in this youtube video.

I guess it's never easy letting go.  But we can't say; "Goodbye Michele Bachmann" without at least one last viewing of what the  Bad Lip Reading guys posted last year.

Goodbye Michele.  You will be missed.