The Siouxland Libraries are rolling out their Winter Reading Program to incentivize reading for children and adults in 2019.

“Hot Reads for Cold Nights” is designed to challenge people of all ages to utilize the services that are at Siouxland Libraries and most importantly read. Librarian Amber Fick explains how the bingo-style format works.

“Each square has a different challenge. Some of them are to read a certain kind of book or stop by the library and participate in an activity. As you complete bingos, you’re entered into prize drawings. With the first bingo, everyone gets a prize. We’ve got some cool mugs and color-changing cups that are filled with goodies.”

Each additional bingo will earn an entry for the grand prize drawing at the conclusion of the program. Fick hopes this winter event will build excitement for more reading among adults.

“Often for adults, it’s not something that’s encouraged as much as it is when you’re in school and actively learning. It’s something you have to be a lot more intentional about. For the library to put out a program that really encourages people to read things that people are excited to read already or things that they haven’t heard of before, that’s a great way to keep that skill going for adults.”

Overall, Fick wants adults and children to embrace the challenge of what tasks are on the bingo card, build excitement about reading, and expand people’s reading capabilities.

The Winter Reading Program will begin January 1 and conclude at the end of February with the grand prize drawing on March 15.


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