Peter Frampton took time out on Facebook to rail against the state of the record industry. Frampton is specifically peeved at the fact that his duet with The Voice contestant Terry McDermott on "Baby I Love Your Way" is still unavailable -- despite the rave reviews it received back in December. Frampton posted: "With the record industry being in the state it is -- which is not good -- you'd of thought the duet with myself and Terry McDermott from The Voice would have been rushed overnight to iTunes. But no! It just amazes me how slow record companies work. Their days are numbered and not even fear of extinction seems to makes them pull their fingers out. Lawyers have to be brought in to write up a deal and yadda, yadda, yadda!!"

Frampton went on to explain: "I don't want this out because it will make a lot of money. It absolutely won't!! It was a fun thing to do and you guys seemed to like it and you want to hear it again. So we have demand -- where's the supply? 'When was the show?'....... I rest my case!"

Click here to watch their performance of Baby I Love Your Way from TV's "The Voice"