I've never quite understood why some people feel the need to clap when the plane they're on lands. You do realize the pilot can't hear you, right? He's wearing headphones.

It happened to a friend of mine just the other day. He was telling me how when the plane he was on landed a smattering of people around him started clapping.

Why some passengers feel the need to break out in celebration I've never quite understood. Maybe when flying through bad weather - but other than that, nope.

And it never fails. Whenever I fly somewhere, just like my friend, I always get stuck sitting next to that one person who feels the need to clap and holler, "Yay!"

Oh, but it doesn't stop there. Not only do they clap and yell, "Yay," but then they proceed to look over at me like I'm supposed to do the same.

Do you also clap for the bus driver when he stops at every bus stop, or when the taxi you're riding in reaches its destination? No!

Can you image, being in a car or a bus with someone who clapped every time we stopped at a stop light? I'd kill 'em!

Maybe why I find it so irritating is I just spent several hours sitting in a seat next to you listening to you go on and on about how great your grand kids are - I'm tired of being nice.

Here's an idea, start gathering up all your "crap" so when it's our turn to disembark the plane you're ready and not still fumbling around putting things in your backpack.

And don't even get me started about the person who tries then to disembark before me even though he was seated five rows behind me. Dude - Really? Wait your turn!

Sorry - got a little off topic.

Back to the issue of clapping when the plane lands - STOP IT!!!

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