If you don't think the disease of addiction ix a mzjor concern in Sioux Falls, think again!

More than 75% surveyed have loved ones impacted by drug and alcohol addictions in our community.

"What is interesting when you look at what people see as a major community issue, drug and alcohol addiction came to the surface in the survey," according to Julie Schoolmeester of Faith It Together."93% of people surveyed indicate addiction is very common in Sioux Falls. 85% said illicit drug abuse and addiction are very common in the community. I also feel we are part of a national trend---88% say prescription drug abuse is an issue in our community"

Unfortunately, Schoolmeester says heroin and meth are getting to be the drugs of choice throughout the country, including the upper midwest.

"People are always surprised to find out how much more common that is. We live in a beautiful and vibrant community. It's good that we have those positive elements. But, we also need to be aware of the issues that can have impact on our city. Addiction is one of those issues."

The Face It Together survey is a follow up to one conducted in the community in 2011. The good news is this: there have been positive changes in the community about stigma and awareness of addiction of support resources.

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