So you think you've found the ultimate confidante and your secret is safe? Better think again!

I'm about to let you in on a little secret, the average person just can't keep a secret.

Some people claim they can keep a secret, but they're lying. When you tell someone a secret, you know sooner or later they'll eventually tell someone right?

What you didn't know, is how quickly tongues start wagging and the dirt starts being dished out.

Whoever you share your deep-dark secret with, you can count on that person spilling the beans to their significant other first, and it usually happens within just hours of you telling the secret.

Once that person’s significant other is let in on the secret, it will more than likely spread like wild fire and probably be all over the internet by the very next day. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the way social media works these days, nothing would surprise me.

There's no doubt people love to gossip, and secrets make for some really juicy gossip!

According to a recent survey, women are only slightly better than men at keeping secrets from their partner.

The average woman can keep a secret from her partner for three hours and 27 minutes, while the average man can only manage to keep his lip zipped for two hours and 47 minutes.

So what are some of the hardest things that the average person just can't seem to keep a secret?

Here are 10:

  • A friend having an affair.


  • Someone admits they told a BIG LIE about something.


  • Two coworkers getting-it-on.


  • When someone gets pregnant.


  • Someone that gets arrested or is in legal trouble.


  • Someone lying about their job or salary.


  • Someone in financial trouble.


  • A friend that came into a large amount of money.


  • Someone that is having or had plastic surgery.


  • And the friend who is having trouble in the bedroom.

The good news, 27% of people said they forgot what they were told by the following day. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and tell your secret to one of these people?

Source: Female First/ Wines of Chile