Lucky for Sioux Falls, it was only a test that failed Wednesday and not the real thing. Tornado sirens were tested across South Dakota yesterday as part of Severe Weather Awareness Week, but for some reason, some of the 75 sirens in Sioux Falls failed to work yesterday.

According to KSFY, the Emergency Manager for Sioux Falls says the city does a daily communications check with each of the stations to make sure everything is working properly but there was an issue with communications between the base station and units in the field for some reason yesterday that he says wasn't there any day leading up to it.

There is no official word on how many of the 75 sirens failed yesterday, but it's a reminder to not rely solely on the tornado sirens for warnings.

Obviously, our radio stations will have the information for you and there are a lot of different apps you can download for your phone that will give you warnings.

The city tests the sirens at 11am the first Friday of every month so the next test is next week. In the meantime, tune in your radio dials and download an app or two for your phone so you're prepared as we enter storm season.

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