It's only hearsay right now, but Noel Gallagher claims he's heard that David Bowie already has enough songs recorded for a whole 'nother new album. On Sunday, the former Oasis guitarist told the U.K. rock station Absolute Radio that "according to people [he's] spoken to," Bowie laid down close to 30 songs during the sessions for his recently released album, The Next Day, which came out in early March.

Gallagher's information seems to start and end there, but never short on opinions, he offered that Bowie "could disappear for another 10 years or there could be another album. He might do the greatest tour of all time or he might never gig again. Who knows?"

In spite of Bowie's denials, the idea that he might tour seemed to gain some traction recently when his wife, Iman, may have let it slip in a recent magazine interview. Speaking about their daughter, she said, "We'll have to go visit him, but we won't be on tour with him because she's in school."

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