Roger Daltrey says that the boundaries the Beatles broke down in 1967 helped inspire the Who to record and release their 1969 double album, Tommy. On November 11th, the band will release the new "Super Deluxe" version of the album, which includes composer Pete Townshend's one man band "blueprint" demos of nearly the entire double album set.

Daltrey spoke to Rolling Stone and was asked if the Who made a conscious effort to move into recording a concept album in order to keep up with the likes of the Beatles and the Kinks who had already scored album hits outside of the pop box: "No, because St. Pepper's (Lonely Hearts Club Band) gave us confidence that the public would be willing to accept new ideas. There's no doubt about that. George Martin's work with the Beatles and the songs they were writing really gave us confidence that the public would accept anything if it was good."