By Sanford Children's Hospital

Gretchen, Amelia’s mom, homeschools Amelia and her older sister, Elise, which certainly makes things easier since Amelia’s diagnosis of ALL in 2013. Amelia’s parents are keenly aware of what cancer means – her mom is a nurse by trade, and her dad is a doctor. Gretchen will tell you that the word “leukemia” is one that no one wants to hear, but you sometimes do. And when that terrible word comes into your life, especially as it affects your child, you begin a new life… a new normal. But they have a strong faith and believe that God will see them through.

They never gave it a thought to go somewhere else for treatment and are confident they are in the right place. Amelia is now in remission and finished chemo in May of 2015. To celebrate no more chemo, Amelia hosted a pajama party and asked her guests to bring kids jammies for her to give to other kids going through cancer at the Castle. Why? She wore jammies to every treatment to stay comfy and wants them to have comfy jammies too!

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