Costaki Economopoulos is a man of many talents.

You already know the veteran stand-up comedian from his hilarious visits to Sioux Falls and his regular appearances on the Bob & Tom Show. But for the past several years Costaki has ventured into the world of podcasting - poking fun at the world of the National Football League.

Quick Snaps delivers new content each week throughout the football season and has developed quite the following.

Or course the big story in football this time of the year is Sunday's (February 5) Super Bowl LI in Houston, pitting the Atalanta Falcons against the New England Patriots.

But this is more than just a game for Costaki. He was raised in Georgia, attended the University of Georgia, and is a lifelong Falcons fan. In his 47 years on the planet (his birthday was Christmas Day), he has seen his beloved team reach pro football's championship game just once - a Super Bowl XXXIII loss to the Denver Broncos.

I talked to Costaki this week and asked him about the Falcons and some of the things that had us laughing during this NFL season:

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