Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell said in a recent fan question and answer session at HBO's website that inducting Heart into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month was an "eye-opening experience" that changed his view of the entire institution. Cornell explained, "I was certainly honored, but had always had a cynical attitude about an institution like this as it pertains to rock 'n' roll in general. The fan support of all the bands inducted and their emotional enthusiasm changed everything for me."

Asked "If Soundgarden is inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame, who would be the presenter?" Cornell replied, "I would hope it is a when, as opposed to an if. How about Gene Simmons?"

As for who he would like to induct into the Hall if he had the chance to do it again, Cornell selected singer and songwriter Daniel Johnston, who recorded a lot of music on cassette tapes through a boom box.

Cornell said, "It occurred to me at one point that I got no less enjoyment out of listening to his records than I did from a Pink Floyd record . . . That thought spoke to me as an absolute definition of what rock 'n' roll is really about."

Soundgarden plays in Kansas City on Wednesday night (May 22nd) as the band continues to support its 2012 album King Animal.