Uh-oh, do we detect a bit of Chang in the wind? Even with NBC's abysmal ratings of late and the notoriously-troubled 'Community's fairly moderate performance of late, fans eagerly await news of a potential fifth season. And even though NBC might not be in the best position to discard a potentially profitable series, 'Community' star Ken Jeong has given himself a parachute by taking a role in ABC's forthcoming comedy 'Spy.' Find out how much things will Chang inside!

'Community's fate remains as uncertain as ever, especially after the lukewarm critical reception last night's "Conventions of Space and Time" received, but at least one series star has lined up a failsafe should NBC pass on a fifth season. Deadline reports that Ken Jeong has signed on to ABC's Rob Corddry-fronted espionage comedy 'Spy,' adapted from the original UK series.

With Corddry in the lead as the well-intentioned, divorced father of a highly intelligent son ('Mockingbird Lane' star Mason Cook) who accidentally takes a job with the Secret Service to prove himself a worthy dad, Jeong will play the character's Secret Service boss "The Examiner." 'Criminal Minds' star Paget Brewster has also signed on to play Corddry's character's ex-wife.

Of course, 'Spy' remains in "second position" for Jeong, meaning that the actor would remain with 'Community' if NBC opts for a fifth season. Jeong isn't exactly hurting for work anyway, what with his upcoming part in 'The Hangover Part 3,' and that doctor gig he can always fall back on.

What say you? Do you think Ken Jeong is better off moving on to ABC's 'Spy,' or would you rather Señor Chang keep with 'Community?' Give us your thoughts in the comments below!