All you fellow beer drinkers out there, it's "call to arms" time. The MillerCoors company needs our help. Because of declining sales numbers, the MillerCoors company is being forced to eliminate hundreds of jobs in a restructuring effort.

In a post on the "Behind the Beer" blog, Chicago-based MillerCoors says it's cutting 350 salaried jobs across the country, including 200 jobs currently occupied. Chief Executive Officer Gavin Hattersley says the company plans to move "quickly and decisively to get the business back on track."

The reason for the cutbacks is, this year alone, the company has seen volumes decline by more than 5% and gross profits sink nearly 9%. Local home-brewed, craft beers have also had a major impact on the big beer companies. More and more consumers are opting instead for a local flavor.

So, the next time you meet your friends for a beer after work, consider ordering something from Miller/Coors. Someone's job could be depending on it.

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