Close Encounters of the rock kind? You bet.

Most of the folks who speak out about having alien encounters are just everyday folks. "The bright light engulfed my whole trailer. That's when mama got real scared."

But according to, there are at least 10 rock stars who've claimed to have seen UFOs and aliens. However, the site cautions, "Was it genuine paranormal experience or simply a matter of psychedelic hallucination? You be the judge."

Elvis Presley: He experienced multiple UFO sightings while traveling in the desert on tour, and said he had telepathic communications with aliens as a young boy.

Jerry Garcia: He said he'd witnessed an alien “event” in the skies above Marin County, California with David Freiberg of Jefferson Starship. They said the sky looked like black construction paper with a hole poked through it with light pouring in and out of the hole for 15 minutes.

Jimi Hendrix: A space fan, Jimi claimed to have seen a UFO with his brother Leon.

John Lennon: He claimed to have been visited by four aliens in his New York apartment in 1973. He said they left behind an egg-shaped object. And, on his Walls and Bridges album, he inscribed: “On the 23rd Aug. 1974 at 9 o’clock I saw a U.F.O.”

Cat Stevens: He claims he was “sucked into" a UFO.

Dave Davies: He says he's had multiple encounters with UFOs and aliens, even claiming to have ongoing telepathic connection with these beings.

David Bowie: He claimed several alien encounters, with the majority of them happening in 1968 when he joined a girlfriend in UFO-watching sessions, which yielded six to seven sightings a night.

Gram Parsons: He liked to hang out in Joshua Tree National Park searching for UFOs.

Mick Jagger: He says he saw a UFO in 1968 while camping with girlfriend Marianne Faithfull, and a second one in 1969 during The Rolling Stones' infamous concert at the Altamont Speedway in California.

Keith Richards: He says he has "seen thousands of them.”

It would stand to reason that the 70's group UFO would have seen something...but no.

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