Thank you Target for making it just a little easier for parents to shop at your stores, especially parents of children that have disabilities. Target stores across the country will soon have special shopping carts designed for children with special needs, and they could be at your favorite Target store by as early as March 19, 2016.

Target stores will soon have at least one "Caroline's Cart" in their cart corral, and possibly more depending on the needs of the shoppers.

"Caroline's Carts" were originally designed for parents that have children with special needs that may have already outgrown a regular sized cart seat.. With a goal of helping parents who may have to maneuver a child in a wheelchair along with a cart full of their purchases, "Caroline's Carts" allow a child to face their parent, while seat-belted in, as their parent does their shopping.

The need for these special carts began in Alabama when parents Drew Ann and David Long came to the realization that their daughter Caroline (who suffered from Rett Syndrome), would soon outgrow the regular sized cart.

"Caroline's Cart" will be coming to Target stores soon, but is already available at certain other retailers in 47 states and in Canada.

Credit: Target