I was very fortunate to attend both my junior and senior prom when I was in high school. I know that this can be a sore point for some people. Both of my siblings make a point to remind me that they didn't get to go to theirs.

My junior prom was all about last-minute everything, he asked me two days before, I had to get a dress (which luckily was on sale), I have no memory of even wearing shoes. I just remember that the night was an unmitigated disaster. We barely spoke a word to each other and never dated again.

My senior prom was a dream from beginning to end. I went with someone who had gone from friend to boyfriend. I was crazy about him. He was funny, smart, tall, gorgeous dark eyes, and he made me feel good about myself. And I can tell you, that has been a hard thing to come by in my life.

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Ah, the memories! Where was I? Oh yes, if you are someone who would love a second chance to attend a prom, especially if you were an 80's kid, or someone who loved the 80's boy are you in luck!

The "Dive into the Canton Pool" group is hosting the "Second Chance Awesome 80's Prom" this Saturday night (June 5) from 7 PM to Midnight at the wonderful Gate City Events Hall at  447947 W. 5th Street in Canton.

They'll have a live DJ 80's style, a cash bar, and snacks. They're selling raffle tickets for a 2021 Kubota Sidekick and other prizes too, with all proceeds going toward the building fund for the new Canton pool

So dig out your shoulder pads, stretchy pants with stirrups, leg warmers, and make sure you tease your hair - - way up there! Then you're all set for a great trip back to the 80s!

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