Though the rumor had presented before, yesterday saw the revelation that 'Breaking Bad' and AMC were seriously considering the possibility of a Saul-centric spinoff of the acclaimed drama, to see actor Bob Odenkirk reprising the slippery lawyer character of Saul Goodman in a new context. Opinions on the possibility have run the gamut, but what does Odenkirk himself have to say about a 'Better Call Saul' spinoff? Or about the 'Breaking Bad' finale itself?

Whether or not 'Breaking Bad' fans would be open to a spinoff focusing on Walter White's wily lawyer Saul Goodman, AMC and Sony TV are reportedly considering the possibility. Speaking to Vulture, Bob Odenkirk himself confirmed as much and expressed his long-standing interest, saying:

Oh yeah, we've talked about it. Vince [Gilligan] is still really busy with the show so we haven’t talked very in-depth about it, but he clearly thinks it’s a possibility. And I've certainly told him that if there was some way to see more of Saul then I would be happy to do it. It would be fun.

The very fact that AMC has even considered a Saul-centric spinoff seems to confirm longstanding speculation that Saul will survive the series finale of 'Breaking Bad,' though Odenkirk flat-out refused to read any scenes beyond his own. "I've been told that the ending is really surprising and really satisfying and you can’t believe the number of loose ends that get wrapped up,” said the actor. “That’s all hearsay, though, because I didn't read it. I dumped it in the trash, and then I dumped out the trash.”

Odenkirk also promised his final scene of the series would be a "really rich one," but what say you? Would you be interested in continuing Saul Goodman's story with a 'Breaking Bad' spinoff? How would you like to see the series come to an end?