Three boys, ages 11, 12 and 13, were playing in Frank Olson Park on Sioux Falls east side near 18th & Judy Saturday afternoon when they came across something under a tree that has no business in a city park: a 12-gauge shotgun!

Luckily for all involved the boys have been taught by their parents how to handle an emergency. They made sure other kids playing in the park couldn't play with the gun while calling both their dad AND the police.

Police also reminded the boys to never touch a found weapon for fear of it being loaded. The shotgun found in the park was not loaded, but it's sound advice for kids and adults.

It's also a reminder to parents and grandparents that this is not the same world we grew up in. It just seems like we were safer in the 60s and 70s than kids are today. Take the time to sit down with the kids and grandchildren and talk to them about some of the stuff that's out there. My granddaughters are in that same age range as these boys are. It's an eye-opener to talk to kids that age to find out the things that they've been exposed to and the dangers that are out there.

I'm not suggesting bubble-wrapping them so they don't get hurt and never let them see anyone (as much as we want to protect them at any cost) but it's imperative that they know how to handle an emergency like these boys did today. Nice job boys! (and great job mom, dad and Sioux Falls PD!)