You know how it is when you are watching TV and your wife won't let you watch the cool shows that you want to watch.  Shows like "Ice Road Truckers", "Pawn Stars", or "Buying Alaska".  I love these shows.  My wife, not so much.  But the one show that we both like to watch is "Big Bang Theory".  It's the one show we consider appointment viewing.  Apparently we are not the only ones that feel this way.  The show is breaking viewing records.  Here is the latest info on Big Bang from

   The hit sitcom returned on Thursday following a three-week hiatus. The show attracted 19 million viewers, breaking yet another record this season. The show’s previous ratings record came on November 15 with 17.6 million, and a week before that with 16.7 million.

The show’s past six new episodes have been the highest-rated episodes of all-time. Big Bang also matched its series high in the adults 18-49 demo with a 6.1 rating. The rating beats the 6.0 set on Feb. 8, 2010. Most other shows were in repeats on Thursday night, which undoubtedly helped the sitcom. The show is often compared to Friends, which hit around 20 million viewers around the end of its long run on NBC.

What is your favorite "Must Watch" show?