Relief is on the way to farmers and ranchers who have suffered losses following devastating fires in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado.

Beresford, South Dakota farmer Jed Olbertson, in cooperation with South Dakota Farm Bureau, is coordinating donations of hay and financial support that will be shared with those in need.

Through social media, Olbertson was able to connect with other farmers across the country to begin putting a plan in place to help farmers and ranchers who have been impacted by the fires.

This is all according to information that we received in a press release from South Dakota Farm Bureau.

Olbertson, the farmer that organized all this, said,

While there are a lot of needs, we felt the best place to start was by providing hay to feed their livestock. In just a few day's time we already have three semi-truck loads of hay donated that we are hoping to deliver to Kansas early this week.

Those Olbertson has connected with that are donating and transporting hay will be gathering at the Farmers Co-op in Beresford this week to load trucks and begin the trip.

Cash donations are being handled by the State Bank of Alcester. They can be reached at 605-934-2500.

For any and all information on getting involved, you can contact South Dakota Farm Bureau at 605-353-8050 or by email.

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