Leave it to 'Jackass' star Steve-O to finally find a way to make televised singing shows entertaining: with the Allman Brothers Band and a healthy dose of physical torture.

Of course any given hour of 'X Factor' or 'The Voice' is packed with more mental and spiritual punishment than any person deserves to endure. But by adding various entertaining, survivable and presumably medically supervised and painful stunts to the proceedings, the new truTV show 'Killer Karaoke' (airing Friday nights at 9ET) provides a healthy dose of laughs and points out the utter ridiculousness of the genre.

Take the opening episode, where a good-natured young man named Michael Daniels agrees to serve Steve-O a complete Mexican meal while singing the Allman's 'Ramblin' Man' and oh yeah did we mention… wearing a series of electroshock devices. Of course the maniac holding the remote repeatedly waits for the perfect combination of high notes and full serving trays to hit poor Daniels with the electricity.

As you can imagine, things get messy pretty quickly, and naturally the vocal performance suffers just a hair as our amateur vocalist spends much of his time doubled over in pain. If 'Idiocracy' is indeed our future, at least we'd prefer this laugh-filled version to the overblown dramatics and puffed-up stakes of the so-called "real" singing competitions.