That's right. I'm a lawbreaker. Mild-mannered radio DJ by day, rebel by night.

OK, it's not really THAT bad. I was packing my truck Friday to head to some friends house for a barbecue when I happened to look at my tags and realized they were expired. Yep, driving with expired tags. Next thing you know I'll be texting at a stoplight while not wearing my seat belt!

This actually makes two years in a row that I've had to make the trip, because of big-fingered typists at the Clerk of Courts. They simply can NOT get my address in the system so I end up making the trip that everyone hates.

In September of 2011, I ended up standing in line for almost an hour. So I figured I'd better go first thing this morning so I wouldn't be TOO late for work.

To my surprise, I was able to get right to a window, hand over my drivers license, have them correct my address (I think) and get rung up. Of course I forgot the 'new' pricing that went in last year, so I had enough cash to cover the 2010 prices, NOT the 2012 price. So I handed him some plastic, only to find out that the Clerk of Courts in Sioux Falls may be one of the last places on earth that actually accepts a personal check. Who carries checks anymore??!?!?!

"Luckily", they have a cash machine down the hall. I put luckily in quotes, because it's lucky for them since it's an additional $3 charge per transaction. So it's back to the line I go, and finally walked out after paying my debt to society, able to hold my head high and look people in the eye, not having to hide the shame of being outside the law.