Sioux Falls has seen lots of restaurants come and go. And for that matter we've seen lots of Pizza places come and go.

We were chatting about some of our cities old Pizza Joints. Sometimes our recollections are flavored by nostalgia, but here are some the Main Memories of these 9 Former Sioux Falls Pizza Places. What do you remember most about former Sioux Falls pizza places?

-Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor: Folks could watch the pizza's being made and watch an old movie projected on a big screen on the wall.

-Shakey's Pizza: Remember the piano playing gorilla?

-Valentino's Pizza: Love the lunch buffet and owner John Jones always had a smile and a joke for ya.

-Gigglebee's Pizza: One word “Wilbur”. How can you go wrong with a Talking Coyote on a tricycle?

-Piccadilly Circus Pizza: Wasn't it just Gigglebees without the Wilbur?

-Sbarro Pizza: You could grab a quick slice and continue your shopping at the Empire Mall.

-Pizza Inn: The awesome lunch buffet was always stocked with a big variety of Pizzas.

-Taste of the Big Apple: It wasn't long to downtown Sioux Falls, but loved the pies and the location.

-CiCi's Pizza: If you wanted lots of pizza on a budget you could head to the 57th & Louise and chow down as much za as you could handle.

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